The Holidays Is here Christmas & Thanksgiving Is my fav… Thanksgiving Is near this will be me and my husband 2nd Thanksgiving living In Japan, I will post pictures of all the yummy tasty food 😉



Tanesashi Grassy Beach

Tanesashi Grassy Beach Tanesashi Grassy Beach Is a beautiful beach located In Hachinohe Japan…It’s a really nice beach very relaxing and peaceful lots of greenery you will feel calm there, It’s very popular amongst Japanese and now alot of Americans go there.


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower-Tōkyō tawā’ Is a tourism attraction, It attracts millions of people each year It has AMAZING views Inside of the Tower also many things to see and do so If you ever visit Tokyo It’s a must that you make this one of your priorities you will love It, ‘It Is one of the world’s tallest self-supporting steel towers.

Japanese Tattoo


Taste of Japan

Japanese tattoo art has several names – irezumi or horimono in the Japanese language. Irezumi is the word for the traditional visible tattoo that covers large parts of the body like the back. Japanese tattoo art has a very long history.

Archaeologists believe that the early settlers of Japan, the Ainu people, used facial tattoos. Chinese documents report about the Wa people – the Chinese name for their Japanese neighbors – and their habits of diving into water for fish and shells and decorating the whole body with tattoos. These reports are about 1700 years old.

For the higher developed Chinese culture, tattooing was a barbaric act. When Buddhism was brought from China to Japan and with it a strong influence of the Chinese culture, tattooing got negative connotations. Criminals were marked with tattoos to punish and identify them in society.

Early History of Japanese Tattoo Art
During the…

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Not a big fan of Sushi, But this looks good make me wanna try It again.

Japanese Food by Kojiki

Since Japan is surrounded by ocean, seafood has always been a big part of Japanese cuisine, and rice. Originally, it was raw fish arinated in salt to keep it and eaten with seasoned rice. For sushi dishes do you use sushi rice, which is seasoned with a sweet vinegar mixture. Sushi has many kinds of fish but also without.

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Since I’ve been In Japan I have always wanted to go see a Geisha performance’ I want to let you know what exactly Is a Geisha.

Geisha means art (gei) person (sha) it could be translated into “art person. They were skilled professional female entertainers performing traditional Japanese arts as dance, music or storytelling. Young girls were sold into the geisha life by their families until the mid-20th century and were often subject to the ritual of ‘mizu-age,’ whereby their virginity was sold to the highest bidder.